Technical Bulletin No. 5 - September 4th, 2023

Analysis of the risks of thermal stress in marine ecosystems during the summer of 2023:
The evolution of the El Niño phenomenon and marine heat waves in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
(Spanish Version)


About Us

Sociedad Ambiente Marino (SAM) was established in the year 2001 as a scientific and community-based, non-profit environmental organization in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, USA, with the mission of fostering the conservation and restoration of marine resources. In the year 2004, SAM officially became a not-for-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Service rules a 501 (c)3. SAM’s mission is guided by the principle that social wellbeing significantly depends on the sustainable use and management of natural resources. SAM fulfills its mission through a combination of efforts and services, including scientific research, coral reef restoration, marine mitigation, public education, outreach, and advocacy.

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Cultivated and Transplanted Corals
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Communities Impacted

We aim to promote local economic development and coastal resilience by leading in
marine rehabilitation, conservation, scientific research and education.

What drives us

Aid in the conservation and management of our marine resources

Rehabilitate ecological function and services of degraded marine habitats

Contribute towards the understanding of the dynamics of restored marine habitats

Estimulate local economies by establishing partnership with key stakeholders

Increase public awareness about the importance of marine resources