SAM is also committed to promoting the conservation of the marine environment among Puerto Rican citizens. We strongly believe that the best approach to spark the interest in conserving the marine environment is through real hands-on experience.  Our conservation and education efforts are enriched with the participation of citizens committed to the conservation of our marine resources.   We also support students in their undergraduate and graduate research projects.


Our student chapter “Capitulo Estudiantil de la Sociedad Ambiente Marino” is a multidisciplinary group of college students passionate about the conservation of our environment and marine resources. Sharing our mission, CESAM has contributed both into our coral restoration efforts, as well as in their local community through beach clean up events, research projects and interactive workshops and seminars towards ocean awareness.

Student Internship Opportunities

SAMPR Marine Internship Program

SAMPR Marine Internship is a program within Sociedad Ambiente Marino, seeking to inmerse students from different age groups in Puerto Rico to the diversity of careers within Marine Sciences and involve them in local efforts towards the protection of our coastal and marine resources.

Agua Da Vida Community Project

At Agua Da Vida we aim to provide tools so that citizens can gain knowledge about the quality of their local water and how to take remedial measures in the event of having an event or catastrophic phenomenon, such as Hurricane Maria in 2017, where they are deprived of potable water.