SAM is a pioneer and leader in developing and implementing coral restoration across the Puerto Rican archipelago. It has been home to the oldest community-based reef aquaculture and restoration program in the Caribbean since 2000. Our organization has accomplished over 25 conservation projects in the last ten years.”

Coral farming

and coral reef


Focus on applied

multi-disciplinary scientific

research along with

academic and government


Marine environmental

impact assessments and

marine mitigation

Public education

and outreach

on marine resource

conservation and


Hands-on educational,


and training experiences

on marine resource

conservation and


Promotion of civic

contribution in public and

scientific forums,

discussions and management

of marine resources,

conservation and restoration

Our coral nurseries.
The heart of our coral restoration efforts.

Meet some of the locals at our coral nurseries

Acropora cervicornis

Commonly known as staghorn coral

Acropora palmata

Commonly known as khorn coral.

Orbicella annularis

Commonly known as boulder star coral.

Dendrogyra cylindrus

Commonly known as pillar coral.

“Our team aims to conserve the island’s marine resources through coastal restoration, marine conservation, and education.”