Project Summary

OCEANOS is a four-year project (2022-26) led by Dr. Juan Torres-Perez, Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. As such, students will use NASA Earth observations and in situ oceanographic data collection to assess diverse coastal issues. Using these methods, students can monitor water quality affecting coastal shallow-water and marine ecosystems in the Caribbean waters.

Project Goal

In the spirit of ocean studies, there are two main aims. The first is training low-income Hispanic/Latino high school and undergraduate students. Students will learn ocean color data acquisition and analysis of remotely sensed freely available imagery. The second is that it will improve scientific literacy and increase STEM engagement of Hispanic and Latino students, particularly in oceanography using NASA observations, data collection and analysis, and participate in hands-on active learning activities related to the biology and ecology of marine resources.

The OCEANOS mission is to bring oceanography and STEM opportunities to the Hispanic/Latinos community. OCEANOS means: “Ocean Community Engagement and Awareness using NASA Earth Observations and Science for Hispanic/Latino Students.” Our program focuses on graduating high school seniors and first-generation undergraduate students in Puerto Rico interested in taking part in a paid summer research experience.